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Related article: Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 11:25:11 EDT From: xxx little girls bbs Subject: Castaway Hotel: Grand Reopening - Book 9, chapters 9 - 10Castaway Hotel -- Grand Reopening -- Book 6 by BW bbs melissa dettwiller gallery Copyright 2009 by billwstories Chapter 9 -- Doing What Comes Naturally. **Author's Note:** Please read the disclaimer in Chapter 00 before you read this.When I awoke the next morning, I had a boy pressed tightly against each side of me. One was Nigel's fourteen-year old cousin, Will, and the other was Graham. It still amazed me that a kid who communicated with the dead would be so greatly affected by my stories. Then again, maybe it was due to his knowledge that the dead do sometimes move among us that gave my tales the added credence to convince him baby rompl bbs links that such things might happen. Who knows? I certainly didn't.Once little lust bbs it got started, our second day bbs nuide ls camping progressed pretty much like the first. bbs kiddy pedo We spent much of our time at the lake, before the boys went off to play games of their own device. This began with my sons teaching Nigel's clan about a game called capture the flag. They used two t-shirts, one red and the other purple, and tied them to sticks to serve as the flags. Then they split into two teams, placed the flags about half a mile apart, and then set out to capture the other team's flag, without getting captured themselves.It was wild just sitting back and watching the boys sneak, crawl, creep and slither through the woods, while trying to reach their target undetected. Although there were many attempts and some that nearly succeeded, it was one of Nigel's boys, Kjetil, who was successful and finally ended the game.That night, I let Nigel tell the boys stories about English ghosts, to keep them happy. baby rompl bbs links He started by telling them the tale of the two young princes that were murdered teen movie forum bbs by their uncle and are still rumored to roam the corridors of the Tower of London. He then went on to tell them about a couple of Scottish ghosts, who were a bit more rambunctious and troublesome than the two young hot bbs girls princes. In fact, Nigel got quite animated while giving his rendition and the effect was either frightening or comical, depending on the emotional stability of the observer.Once he finished with that story, he told them about a Welsh ghost, which was rumored to have driven people out of the country estate it haunted. The boys were listening carefully to Nigel's long-winded account when it started to drizzle. The boys were so intrigued with what he was saying that they remained there little lust bbs until he finished and then we all hustled to our tents. I wasn't worried about the campfire, since the rain would take care of it.Before the boys ducked out of sight, I reminded them not to touch the inside of their tents tonight, as that would allow the moisture to seep through the nylon. After acknowledging they understood, we moved out of the rain and into our shelters.Three of the boys, who were sleeping in a small two-man mountain tent, came rushing into my tent, about halfway through the night. They were damp, from running through the downpour, and dragging their sleeping bags behind them. After apologizing for disturbing our sleep, they asked if they could spend the rest of the night with us. Puzzled, I asked them why, thinking it might be because Nigel's story had scared them. That's when teenie bbs free I discovered my hunch was incorrect.Apparently, one or more of them had inadvertently dragged his hand illegal girls bbs boards across the tent fabric as he tossed and turned during the night, which allowed the water to leak in. When one of them began to feel the dampness, he thought he, or one of the others, had an accident. When he sat up to check it out, he discovered what the problem really was. That was when he awoke the other pair, to discuss what they should do, and they decided to come to me for help.Understanding their dilemma, we squeezed them into the tent with us. Since only one of the sleeping bags was wet inside and bbs teen site out, I had the other boys zip the other four sleeping bags together and then the five of them squeezed in to them together. It was a bit free nudist teen bbs cramped, but not uncomfortable, but it also helped that our uninvited guests were three of the smallest of the boys in the group.By morning the rain had stopped, but we decided to wait before eating breakfast. The conditions would make it uncomfortable to eat at camp, so we opted go back and eat in the main dining hall instead. Since the boys' stomachs were rumbling, we packed up our gear as quickly as we could, but that wasn't fast enough for the boys. It took us longer than normal because we had to ring out as much water as loitas naked bbs we could first, so it wouldn't be too heavy to carry, and then we lugged it back to our cabins.When we got back, we dried off and stashed our things temporarily. I told the boys we would take care of it later, but now it was time to eat. When we reached the dining hall, we discovered there was going to be a dance in the Clubhouse tonight, after dinner. It was primarily so the free bbs girls younger people to have something to do, since the rain was expected to continue until morning. This would also give them a chance to get to know each other better, but the adults were told they could participate too.The boys that had an interest in girls liked this idea, but my gay boys began to ask me if I thought they might be able to dance with their partners too. illegal girls bbs boards I told them I would discreetly inquire about that and then let them know later, but they shouldn't get their hopes up until I found out for sure. They seemed satisfied with my response, so we went back to the cabins to take care of our things.After we finished drying and putting our gear loitas naked bbs away, the boys began planning other activities they could do inside. Some went back to the clubhouse, to play board games, ping-pong, pool, the arcade games or shuffleboard, since they had areas set up both indoors and out for this purpose. The rest of them either loafed about, watched television found something to read, played cards or found other suitable activities to keep ls girls dark bbs them occupied.While they were entertaining themselves, I found the resort director and made a few discreet inquires."I just have a few questions I want to ask you about the dance tonight," I began. "I know there aren't enough young ladies to go around, compared to the number of boys, and some of my sons were wondering if people would have a problem with them dancing with each other?"The director looked at me, thought for a moment, and then replied. bbs nuide ls "Well, I'm not sure I've seen anything like that happen here before, although I've seen some of the girls dancing with each other. I suppose it would be all right, so I'll plan on making an announcement to that effect, so the other guests won't question it either. Does that meet with your approval?""It most certainly does, and thank you for your understanding," I replied.Once ls girls dark bbs I got back to the cabin, I started explaining about my discussion with the director. I told them what was said and what he agreed to, but I also warned them not to be too affectionate with each other, as bbs free picture girl that might draw adverse responses and possibly cause the director to change his mind. Everyone seemed to understand and was fine with this. At least now they could dance with each other, something they couldn't do most other places. I think as they matured, they were satisfied taking the little victories wherever they could find them, without pushing for more.Before the time for the dance arrived, some of my boys made their way to the cabins of the girls they were interested in and xxx free bbs asked if they could be their date for the evening. After all the giggling and blushing, most of the girls accepted, but a few had already agreed to go with someone else. Eventually, though, everyone was able to find a partner and was excited about the prospects the evening offered. I was hoping they didn't get too excited, because sprouting an erection while dancing close might present a problem.As they showered before dinner, they paid particular attention to their hair (on top of their heads -- I knew what you'd be thinking), and they even borrowed the one bottle of aftershave I always kept in my travel kit. It was a bottle of Brut and the boys didn't think it smelled too bad or was only for old men to use.Dinner proved to be an interesting time, as the boys and the girls kept exchanging glances, coy little waves, smiles and winks. Watching them going through these pre- date antics, it reminded me of a racehorse waiting in its individual compartment for the gate to open. In both cases, they were eager to get started, so they could unleash all of their pent-up nervous energy. In fact, I could almost smell the hormones filling the air.It seems that this was not the first dance held here, and the staff was well aware of what two naked bodies grinding against each other might cause, so the vast majority of the songs played were of the faster variety. Only a handful of slow songs were played, and they didn't seem to last as long as I thought they normally would. Regardless, other than that small inconsistency, everyone seemed to have a good time.I noticed a few people staring my little sister bbs at the boys dancing with each other, so I slowly made my way over to these individuals, one at a time. Once I was close enough, I would introduce myself and then comment about how there weren't enough girls to go around. I would also explain that my boys wanted to practice their dancing skills before school started, so they'd be ready for the dances, which were always a vital part of the early social process. After I did that, no one seemed to give my boys a second glance and everything went quite smoothly from that point on.When the dance ended, the boys walked their dates back to their cabins. Some got a very steamy good-night kiss for their efforts, while others merely ended up with a peck on the lips or cheek. Seeing we probably wouldn't be seeing any of these people again, they didn't get too upset about it, although their egos might have been bruised by the slight.Since we only had one day left at the resort, we planned to spend it just relaxing and enjoying the end of our summer holiday. Nigel and his boys would be going back to our place for one final day, before we'd take them to the airport to catch their flight home. I know some of the boys had been fooling around and it was going to be hard for them to let each other go when it was time, but life would go on and their friendships would be long lasting.When we went to breakfast, we discovered another surprise. The resort was holding competitions in ping-pong, pool, shuffleboard, horseshoes and volleyball. Everyone was encourage to sign up for as many events as they liked, since they'd be spread out over the course of the day and early evening, to eliminate any scheduling conflicts. The boys immediately jumped at the opportunity, so I knew Nigel, Jake and I would be required to watch them compete.It was a fun time, as the boys competed against their own age groups. The winner and runner-up were awarded ribbons, but I think the knowledge that they had bested the others was more than enough for them.At dinner, it was announced that there would be a large bonfire and sing-along for anyone interested and most of us decided to attend. Even though we'd had our own, smaller bonfire on the camping trip, the boys felt this would be another bbs lol nude good opportunity to spend time with the girl they had taken to the dance, their own partner or a member of the other family, whom they would soon ls girls dark bbs be parted from.Once the bonfire was lit, I expected someone to come out sexy bbs with a guitar, but that didn't happen. Instead, the director brought out a portable Kareoke machine. We instantly realized this meant that instead of singing the traditional camp songs, they'd be playing more recent melodies. I know our boys thought this much better, and I'm sure the other youngsters did too, although some of the older guests seemed slightly disappointed.Over the course of the next couple of hours, a variety of melodies filled the air. I recognize nearly all of them, although I knew the words to less than half. The boys, however, were able to sing along with most of these tunes and impressed many of the others in attendance, especially their dates.Once the music ended, we made our way to our beds. Although some of us slept alone, most of the boys paired up for the night and had a little fun before they drifted off.When the bus showed up the next morning, about an hour after we finished breakfast, we loaded up and prepared for a nearly nonstop ride back. The bus had a toilet, so we only stopped for fuel and meals along the way, and the boys spent their time moving back and forth, so they could spend a little more time with each of Nigel's sons. We didn't arrive home until late that evening, but no one seemed bothered by it.For the most part, everyone was pleased with everything we had done for the past two weeks, but none of them were looking forwarded to their time together ending. bbs shit The two groups had grown even closer during this time and wondered when they'd be able to meet up again. Seeing how this was affecting them, Nigel and I promised we would reunite both groups again in the future, possibly even taking a combined trip to another country. The boys seemed to like this idea and began arguing, mildly, about which country we should go to. Nothing was decided by the time we reached home, but Nigel, Jake and I had a list of suggestions to consider.That night when we went to bed, I discovered most beds were filled with more than just two boys. Many of them were trying to get a little more time together and clung to their friend throughout the night. They would be parting from each other shortly, so this was their final attempt to make it seem to last longer.We spent our last day together skinny-dipping in our pool or playing soccer at the high school field. The activities were a little more restrained this time, as opposed to our earlier outings sexy bbs where we did something similar, and I could tell the boys' hearts were not really into what they were doing. They were already looking ahead, ls girls dark bbs to the time when they'd have to say little naturist bbs farewell, and this took some of the spring from their steps.That evening, I took everyone out for a large, farewell dinner. I had reserved the banquet room at our favorite restaurant, since we'd need plenty of space, and privacy, to do what I had in mind. Although we were in the banquet room, I rejected the idea of having a buffet. Instead, I let everyone order from the menu, so they could have whatever they wanted, and we also decided to allow each of the boys to have some wine. The boys fourteen and under were allowed half a glass, those fifteen to eighteen could have a full glass, and those eighteen to twenty could enjoy up to two glasses.Although there was some minor discussion about how we had set these arbitrary limits, the boys eventually let the topic drop. They felt it was better to go along and enjoy what they could, rather than have loitas naked bbs us change our minds and cut them off completely.I chatted briefly with the owner about which wines would be best, and selected a sweeter wine for the boys and a drier wine for the adults. We did allow the boys to have a small sample of each, if they desired, so they could choose the one that suited their taste young chubby top bbs best. Once everyone had what he wanted, I called for quiet, so I could speak."Before our meals arrive, I'd like to offer a toast," I announced. "So if each of you will lift you glass, as I'm doing, I will begin." After waiting for each of them to do as I requested, I continued."I would like to thank all of you for being so well behaved and making these past weeks so enjoyable. I also promise this will not be the last time ls art bbs magazine we join together." After everyone took a sip of his drink, I added a little more."I'd like to make one final toast to bbs lol nude the Barstows, the greatest friends we could hope for. May your lives be long and happy, may your dreams come true and may the world come to see we are not a threat to them in any way."I heard Nigel utter, "Aye, mate," and Jake whispered, "Amen," but most of the boys merely gulped down another swig of his wine.Once I finished, I asked if anyone else wanted to add anything or make their own toast, and the room immediately grew quiet. After a few seconds, the whispering began, as various groups debated whether they wanted to do something of their own. I think we were all mildly shocked when Nigel's oldest son, Padraic, and Danny stood and asked if they could make a toast."We, Padriac and I," Danny began, "didn't feel we could leave here without thanking the three greatest men in the world. Needless to say, without you, most of us would have been homeless and struggling to survive, but you have given us hope and a future."Besides providing us a safe and happy home," he continued, "you've also been there when we've needed you and shown us much hot bbs girls love. You have also let us be ourselves, without trying to change us, and have also helped others to accept us too." At this point, Danny stopped and Padraic took over."Over the years, you have done so many wonderful things and shown us so many good times that we shall never be able to adequately repay you for your love and kindness. You shall forever hold a very special place in our lives and in our hearts, and even though this isn't totally sufficient, we'd like to toast you. God Bless Dad, Josh and Jake and may you be as happy as we are and may you find your rewards in heaven, for all you have done."At that point, the boys took a quick drink, set their glasses on the table and then stood and began applauding. I think Danny and Padraic started clapping first, but it was hard to tell, because it didn't take long before the others joined in too.As I listened to their words and looked around at the faces smiling at us, it brought me to tears. I glanced over at Jake, to see how he was reacting, and could tell he was more than a little choked up too. He told me later that he didn't think he should have been included in the toast, since he hadn't done nearly as much for them as Nigel and I, but I assured him he had earned their love and respect and deserved their praise as well. I told him the boys had come to accept and think of him as a second father, which he truly was, but I think he was still somewhat awed that the boys held him in such high regard.Nigel was quite emotional too, as this affected him as deeply as Jake and I. As we sat and absorbed the profound impact of what had been said, the boys came around to give us hugs and impart their own personal comments. It was a truly touching zeps bbs image page time.When all this commotion died down, I stood again, to thank them for what they'd just done. "I think I can safely speak for Nigel and Jake too, when I say thank you for the wonderful compliments you have heaped upon us. When it comes to rewards, we've already had ours. You have also filled our lives with much love and happiness and I think we have received much more from you than we have given. God was truly generous when he brought you to us and we could never ask for more."Needless to say, my head was still spinning when I went to bed. No matter how hard I tried, I found it difficult to sleep, because Danny and Padraic's words kept playing over and over again in my mind, as if it were stuck in an endless loop.After a couple of hours of restlessness, my heart started to beat normally again and my mind finally emptied, so I could drift off to sleep. My slumber was filled with many dreams, as I recalled how I came to have these wonderful sons, and my mind was racing again, shortly after I awoke the next morning.Castaway Hotel -- Grand Reopening -- Book 6 by BW Copyright 2009 by billwstories Chapter 10 -- Endings and Beginnings. Once again, we chartered a bus to take Nigel's family to the airport. It was a fairly quiet trip, as they sex bbs xxx boys merely sat with their guests and enjoyed their final moments together. If they talked, it was in whispers, but there was no horsing around and no one slept.We reached our destination by eleven, but their zeps bbs image page flight wasn't leaving until nearly two. However, with the extra security requirements, they had to be there that early to get through the screening process. As the Barstows were removing their things from the luggage compartment, we reiterated our promise to keep in touch and they did the same. It was a very emotional time.We stayed and waited for them go through their departure gate, but we knew we couldn't stay to watch their jet take off. It was just too long for the boys to hang out with nothing to do. Therefore, I led my brood back to board the bus and then we took off for home.During the ride, I reminded the boy zeps bbs image page they would have to start getting their things together for school once we returned. We were planning to drop the college bound group off at their respective campuses the following weekend, and the others would be returning to class a few days later. They all groaned when they heard this, even though I knew many of them were looking forward to the new school year. Even though most of the boys were eager for the new challenges, I think they also wished for a couple of extra weeks to themselves, before they had to start up again.Over the course of the next few days, I was faced with three unexpected and difficult situations. Although I would have preferred not to come back and be placed in crises mode so quickly, it was obvious I couldn't avoid dealing with any of these situations.The first problem cropped up while I was checking my email messages and stuck out like a sore thumb. This particular message was from the candidate the school board had offered the job to replace me as superintendent. He was turning them down!It seems he was offered a bbs melissa dettwiller gallery similar, but more lucrative position, in a larger district and had decided to accept that offer instead. This left us hanging, teen movie forum bbs since none of the other candidates met the requirements the selection committee had established. It also meant we were about to start the school year without a permanent replacement. This, in turn, told me that my temporary role in this position was going to be extended and the district would be going back to square one to find my replacement.Once I got the boys to unpack and start the laundry, I contacted some of the other members of the selection committee, to bbs melissa dettwiller gallery see if they had done anything about this problem while teen movie forum bbs I was away. They quickly informed me that they had already posted the job in various professional publications and notified a variety of college placement offices, as well as posting it on job bbs lol nude procurement sites online. After thanking them for their rapid response, we sxey bbs discussed other ramifications this might have on the start of the school year.I spent much of the remainder of the day dwelling on this situation and only took a short break to help Jake fix dinner. He had run out to pick up a few things while I was tied up with work, so now we talked as we prepared the meal. He was sympathetic, although not a great deal of help, but it was still nice to know he cared and was there for me.The next day I stayed home, so I'd have the privacy I needed to confront this situation. I was afraid if I went in to the office I'd be deluged with a variety of other issues, which would distract bbs nuide ls me from my primary concern. The house was fairly quiet, since most of the boys had decided to go hang around the school, so they could chat with their friends and check out their class schedules. After that, they were planning to go off to do some last minute school shopping at the mall. The college boys had gone with them, because they wanted to pick up a few things too. Since Jake had returned to work, I was alone zeps bbs image page in the house when I heard a knock at the door.When I went to answer it, I discovered an older woman standing there. She looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn't quite place who she was, so I opened the door and asked what she wanted."Mr. Currie, I know you weren't expecting to see me and I didn't come to cause any problems, but I heard about what happened when the mother of two of your other sons showed up here."I was confused by her comment and still puzzled as to whom she was. Therefore, I decided to get right down to business."I'm sorry, but what business is that of yours?" I asked. "I'm afraid I don't recognize you and not sure I even know you." She blushed and stammered for a minute, before she finally settled down enough to respond."Yes, I guess sexy bbs I have changed some since you last saw me, but I'm Danny's mother."I wouldn't be surprised if teenie bbs free my mouth dropped open at that moment, because I was stunned to discover who she was. My mind was also reeling from the implications of what free passwords bbs she was doing here, especially since she had just referred to Cole and Graham's mother. Ms. Van Cott had also suddenly appeared and caused us a great many problems, so now I was wondering if this was going to be a repeat of that situation."I hate to be blunt," I said, bbs erotic blog with a slight tremor in my voice, "but what is it you want.""As I said, I didn't come here to cause any problems for Danny or you," she blurted in response, "but I miss my son. A friend of mine works at the courthouse and she told me what happened, and how that other woman is now able to meet with her sons again. I'd like to be able to do the same thing, but I was hoping we could arrange something on our own."Even though I had been afraid this was where she was heading, I now knew for sure. However, the time had come for me to respond. "Mrs. Roma, before I can agree to anything, I'd have to talk this over with Danny. He's a young man now and about to head off to college, so he's definitely old enough to make his own choices.""Mr. Currie, don't get me wrong," she muttered. "I don't intend to try to take Danny from you, I just want to be able to see and spend time with him. I miss him more than you can imagine and I need to get to know him again." She hesitated briefly, and I noticed her eyes were moist and her breathing a bit raspy. It was clear this was very difficult for her, so I waited patiently as she regained control of her emotions."It bbs teen site was his father who threw him out, not me, but I was forced to go along with that decision. I never agreed with it, and I certainly didn't like it, but he is my husband. Since that happened, he has changed and mellowed. That's probably due to the fact that he's very ill and facing his own mortality, but I don't think he'd care if I saw our son now. I know he still isn't ready to accept what Danny is, but I love my son and I've missed him so very much. I hope you and Danny will allow me the chance to get reacquainted with him.""As I've said, Mrs. Roma, I will have to discuss this with Danny. I have no idea how he might react to your suggestion, but my question to you would be, are you going to be able to accept him for who he is? Will you also be able, and willing, to respect the decisions he has made, or might make, about his life?""If you're referring to his being a homosexual," she said, dryly, "then yes. I think I can handle that now.""And what about the young man he has chosen to be his partner?" I pressed.She hesitated before she answered this time. "It won't be easy for me," she acknowledged, "but I think I'll be able to handle that too.""If you are being sincere, then leave me your phone number and I'll call you when Danny makes up his mind about what he wants to do."Mrs. Roma looked flustered after I made my last statement and didn't immediately respond. After a short, and uncomfortable silence, she finally spoke."I'd prefer that none of you call my home just yet, in case my husband answers the phone. I'm not sure how I'd bbs years magasine darkcollection explain to him why you were calling. What if I phoned you instead, to find out if Danny approves of my suggestion?""That would be fine," I agreed, "but give us a few days. I won't approach him unless he's alone and in a good mood, and then I suspect he'll need some time to think it over. I don't bbs teen site want to rush him into making such an important decision.""I agree and will give you the time you need before I call," she confirmed. "Mr. Currie, thank you very much for listening to me and providing me with this opportunity.""There's nothing definite," I reiterated, "but I will pass along your request." We then said our good-byes and she departed, but now I had to wait and talk this over with Danny.When the boys returned home, they were busy showing me the things they'd picked up, so there wasn't much of a chance for me to get Danny alone. I didn't want to ask to speak to him in private, because then Brandon and some of the others would ask him what was up, and I wanted him to have time to consider this without outside interference. If he decided to bring others into the decision process, he'd be able to do that without the pressure of having to include them.While I was waiting for an appropriate time to do this, the third situation arose. Sally called to inform me that one of her colleagues in a nearby community had brought a situation to her attention. She said as soon as she heard about it she thought of me, so now she wanted to know if I'd be willing to help out. Of course, it concerned another boy.All she would tell me for the time being is that this kid had announced to his foster family that he was gay and it created an immediate problem. He supposedly did this because he didn't want to live there any longer and knew his foster parents would want him out of their house and away from their children if they realized he was gay.Although I agreed to meet him, I told her I couldn't make any illegal girls bbs boards promises. I was willing to see what he was like and let him meet the other boys, so we could learn about each other. Whatever happened after that would depend on the boy and our reactions to him. We would have to feel comfortable with each other, but I think I was silently hoping he wouldn't fit in. Secretly, I was concerned I had already stretched myself too far with the number of boys I had already taken in and wasn't convinced I should add more. These doubts were compounded by Brent's death and the problems created by Ms. Van Cott, and now Mrs. Roma, so I was approaching this from a teen movie forum bbs negative viewpoint.Sally did get me to commit to giving this a trial run, to see if he would fit in. She would set it up and then call me with the details. I told her that would be fine, but advised her about our other commitments (taking the boys to college, my continued role as acting superintendent, etc.), hoping this wouldn't give her a window of opportunity. In addition to that, I also told her about Mrs. Roma, bbs angel which stunned her. I hoped this additional information would cause her to take pity on me, so she would drop this idea for now.Having just returned from a fun and relaxing vacation, my mind wasn't ready to deal with so many new developments. Therefore, I took my time and sat down to consider each item separately. That's why, by the time I got to speak to Danny, about his mother's re-emergence, I'd had a chance to organize my thoughts and present this to him in a calm, rational manner.Most of the boys either hadn't awakened yet or were off doing something else when I saw Danny coming downstairs. I asked him if I could speak with him a moment and he readily agreed. "What's up, Dad?" he asked me, with a big smile on his face. I believe he thought this had something to do with his leaving for college in a few days."Danny, something has happened recently, and it affects you," I told him."Really? What are you talking about?" he asked, concerned.Since there was no delicate way to break this news to him, I decided to plow ahead and bring him up to date. "Danny, I had a visitor the other day, while you boys were out. It was your mother and she asked if I thought you might agree to meet with her. She wants to become part of your life again, but I told her that would have to be up to you."He looked stunned after he heard this and asked if anyone else knew. When I told him 'no,' he asked if he could go get Brandon, so he'd also know what was going on. When I told him that would be entirely up to him, he raced off and soon came back dragging Brandon with him."Dad, would you tell Brandon what you just told me?" he asked, and I quickly agreed. After repeating what I had told Danny moments ped bbs earlier, we gave Brandon a few minutes to digest the news. Then Danny looked at Brandon, before turning toward me, and then he spoke."Why now, after all this time." he wondered. "Why does she suddenly want to become part of my life again?""I think it was prompted by the incident with Cole and Graham's mother," I informed him. "I think she may have been tempted to try bbs melissa dettwiller gallery to contact you before that, but once she learned Ms. Van Cott was able to see her sons again, she decided it might be a good time for her to do the same thing.""But I still don't see why she waited so long," he challenged. "She could have tried to help me after my father threw me out and she's never tried to see me or bbs free picture girl say anything before now. Where was she when I needed her the most?" Danny was starting to get very emotional. He was confused, yet angry, which caused Brandon to instinctively put his arm around Danny's shoulders. He was seeking to comfort his lover, but Danny didn't seem to notice his gesture."I think it was because she was afraid of your father," I offered, "and she didn't want to face his wrath. It young chubby top bbs wasn't because she didn't love you or want to help, but I think she felt powerless. She had no money and no place of her own, so she didn't see how she could assist you/""But that doesn't make any sense to me," he countered."Danny, think about it for a minute," I advised him. "Your father is very old world and set in his ways. He thinks of himself as king of his castle and master of his domain. He believes his word to be law in his home and everyone living there must obey. Those who don't are dealt with accordingly. Isn't that why he threw you out, because you couldn't conform to his norms and rules?""Yeah, I guess you could say that," Danny conceded."And your mother was used to following his rules, no matter how insane she thought them to be. Isn't that right?" I followed."Yes, I guess it is," he agreed."Since she didn't want him to turn on her physically or throw her out of the house at that point, she merely bit her tongue and let him do as he pleased.""So she little lust bbs saved herself and turned her back on me?" he asked, to clarify the matter."In a way, but that's a very simplistic way of looking at it. I think she might have stood up to your father, if she thought you were in danger or might be harmed," I explained. "However, after you came to live here and she saw you were safe and happy, she just bided her time, hoping that some day bbs erotic blog the two of you could be bbs model links reunited.""I think I can understand that," he confirmed, "but how are things different now?" I took a moment to think about how I was going to break the news to him, without making it sound too dramatic."Back then, she couldn't help you, because she couldn't help herself." I began, "but she says your father has changed and mellowed.""Okay, I guess I can understand that too," he confirmed, but I interrupted and didn't allow him to say more."Danny, she also said your father is ill and having to consider that he might not be around much longer," I added. "Dealing with the inevitability that you aren't going to be around much longer has changed many hard core views throughout history.""I'm not sure I feel bad for him though," Danny told me, "but what do YOU think I should do?""Danny, that has to be your decision, not mine," I advised him. "You may want to take your time and think this over, and you might also want to discuss it with Brandon. When you know what you want to do, just let me know, so I xxx free bbs can pass your decision along to your mother.""I know this is my decision," he stated, "but can't you tell bbs vicky me what you think I should do? I mean, I've always trusted your judgment and would really like to know what you think.""Would that really make a difference?" I asked."Yes, it definitely would," he quickly bbs nuide ls confirmed. "I love and trust you and know you wouldn't tell me to do anything, unless you thought it would be best for me. Knowing what you think would help me decide what to do."I merely looked at him and studied his face, looking for a sign of his sincerity. Then I turned toward Brandon and spoke to him next. "What do you think? Should I give him my opinion or just leave you two alone to talk this over?""Well, I'd like to talk to Danny about it too," he admitted, "but I know if it were me, I'd want you to tell me what you thought as well." I looked at him and studied his face for a minute, and then I smiled and looked toward Danny."If you want my opinion, then I shall give it to you," I agreed. "If I were in your shoes, I think I would give your mother another chance. I think you should take the time to listen to what she has to say and see how you get along. She is still your mother and bbs teen site I know some day you'll regret not taking this opportunity, if you don't do so now. Be a man and give her the benefit of the doubt."You know what your father was like and that it was his idea to kick you out of the house. He was the one who couldn't deal with you being gay and she just didn't have the courage to stand up and defend you. I think she regrets that now, but I have the feeling she never stopped loving you or thinking about you." I gave him a moment to let this sink in, before I continued."Just look at how it's worked out for Cole and Graham," I suggested. "I know it was hard for them to accept their mother back into their lives, especially since she had been such a poor mother and neglected them so badly, incest art bbs but I think they're now beginning to see ls bbs magazine sample each other in a new and different light. Now that they've had time to allow those old wounds to heal, and seeing they're willing to keep an open mind about what the future might hold, I think they're all glad they're back together. I don't think Cole or Graham would ever want to go back and live with her again, but I believe they're glad they took the time to get to know her and to forgive her for her past mistakes. It has also helped them to bury many of their old demons."He thought about this for a moment, before he responded. "Yeah, I think you're probably right," he agreed. "Okay, I'll meet with her, but after that I can't say. That will depend on what she has to say and what she does, as to whether I'll see her more than just once.""That sounds fair," I replied. "She's supposed to call me back, to see what you decided, so if she wants to meet with you before you leave this weekend, would that be all right with you?""I could do that," he agreed, "but let her know I want Brandon to be with me the first time. I'm not sure I can handle this by myself. I also want to meet somewhere in public, where there are other people around. bbs gold petite vids I don't think I'm ready for her to come here to see me yet.""Okay, that sounds like a good idea," I confirmed, "and I don't think she will object to your demands, just as long as you agree to meet with her.""Thanks, Dad," he added, before giving me a hug. "I'm sure glad I have you to depend on and help me think things through."With that said, he and Brandon took off, and I just had to wait for his mother to call, so I could tell her the good news. E-mail responses to the stories, story suggestions, or other 'constructive' comments or advice may be sent to: - but please put the story title in the subject line, so it doesn't get deleted as junk mail.
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